We are millions strong, jobless Americans who deserve better than we are getting from Washington.

Does anyone here know how much ***$5 Trillion is - not to mention the years of interest on that money??? I am fed up with politicians whining about how they cannot help the unemployed unless that bill is paid for in advance. We can go into debt with China to help out greedy banks, but we cannot use a tiny fraction of that kind of wasted $$ on banks to keep our citizens from homelessness/starvation? Excuse me...but what the hell is Government for if not to protect/help WE THE PEOPLE????

The LONG TERM unemployed are the ones who need the most help. We have already lost our homes, our credit is shot, our retirement savings gone. And what does the Government do? They Wall Street bankers over $5 trillion dollars (per MSNBC 4/12/10) so they can give out huge bonuses and maintain their company jets. And WHY ? because Between campaign $ and lobbying money the Banks own Washington. Well the banks may own Washington but they WORK FOR US and it is damn time they remember that. PERIOD! End of sentence.

**** UPDATE: Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC stated 4/20/2010 that the total our Government has given these "too big to fail" bank bums is now $23 TRILLION.....doesn't that piss you off?????


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The Equal Employment for All Act (H.R. 3149) is extremely important as it will make it illegal for companies to nose into Consumers Credit files in order to determine if they have good character. Financial companies will be exempt.
With the recession or depression - or whatever you want to call it - raging on, many trustworthy people are losing their homes, and credit.
No longer should these trustworthy people caught up in hard times have to worry about being denied a job for that reason.
Let employers hire people based on merit not any other reason. Please encourage your congressman to vote Yay on this bill. Thank you!


Already nearly 1.2 million long term unemployed in American have lost their only lifeline before the end of February. In March another 2.8 million and NOW in April another 3 million more have joined them - teetering on the brink of homelessness. There is a grass roots movement in this country by these folks who really WANT JOBS but are or have been holding on (barely) with the help of jobless benefits.

There was a cheesy little video uploaded to YouTube a few weeks ago, that has already has about 9000 hits. It is only 6 minutes but tells the story and exposes the lie Congress told the media about extending vital unemployment programs through the end of 2010. It is called Tier 5 to Survive: The MOVIE and is rapidly becoming the battle cry for the millions of long term unemployed in our country. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEDDTxRrtK4

Washington abandoned millions of long term unemployed by failing to include any help in their "so called" unemployment extension in HR 4213 even though the Senate sold this in the media as "extending vital emergency benefits through the end of this year". Truth is they lied.

ENOUGH of the little 6 week extensions for only a few states. The economy will not be fixed in 6 weeks. The long term unemployed in all 50 states need Congress to extend the weekly benefits through the endof 2010 and hopefully do it when they finally return from their Spring Vacation. We cannot wait.

America is fed up with ALL incumbents: Democrats & Republicans. Unless we get the help we need to survive NOW - we WILL make you unemployed come November - or sooner via a Primary Challenge. Enough lies & gridlock. WE CANNOT WAIT.

The 6 - 13 week piecemeal fixes are insulting, ineffective and often interrupted while Washington fights over every detail. During which time families face even higher expenses for months of late fees resulting from those delays.

ENOUGH! Washington MUST extend extra weeks of benefits to the long term unemployed through the end of 2010.


The TRUTH about HR 4213 The Movie isn't a masterpiece but the message is right on! Tier 5 to SURVIVE the movie:

Watch it here…this pretty much sums it up:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEDDTxRrtK4  &



I would suggest emailing/posting/tweeting this link to anyone who will listen – add it to your facebook/myspace page send to local/nat’l media, congressional reps, etc., etc…GET THE WORD OUT! People need to understand the importance and urgency of this issue!

I think there is something in the President's oath of office that has him swear to protect the United States from ALL THREATS DOMESTIC & ABROAD. This week let's make a special effort to REMIND the President that he is violating his oath by not protecting MILLIONS of Americans from hunger & homelessness - even as he works to protect us from terrorism. 
CALL POTUS 202 456-1111 OR email: www.whitehouse.gov/contact TRUE #Jobless rate +16.9% ACT NOW w/JOBS & Tier 5 to SURVIVE until JOBS ARRIVE !!!!

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