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 This may well be the next step for the 99-ers if we do NOT get our TIER 5 to SURVIVE!!!!

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Everyone in Washington & the MEDIA

Tell them we want a tier 5 for ALL STATES!!!!

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The 99ers’ Plan on how to pay for Tier 5 UI Extension and reduce spending

The 99ers have a plan to pay for Tier 5 Unemployment Extensions and reduce government spending, that shifts the burden where it belongs - on the rich leaders spending all the money irresponsibly.

A country who cannot feed and house their population - can no longer afford to lavish huge salaries and perks upon their elected officials. Public Service should be exactly that! One cannot properly serve those who are hundreds of tax brackets below their own. They cannot conceive the reality of the average citizen, therefore leaders must be brought financially closer to those they are elected to serve.

Introducing: 99ers Plan to pay for Unemployment Extensions and Tier 5

  • Let the Bush tax cuts expire for the top 3% immediately
  • Means Test all retirement plans for every current / former President, Senator and House member immediately. If their income or net worth is more than triple that of the average American, they do not need the money - therefore they should no longer get the money
  • Cut compensation for every member of Congress immediately by 55% (they don’t need the money anyway) No member of Congress shall be paid any compensation if their net worth exceeds $2.5 million dollars
  • No foreign travel by members of Congress at the tax payer expense
  • Cut Congressional staffers by 50% and the pay of those remaining staffers by 30%
  • NO FREE HEALTHCARE for any member of Congress or their families
  • Travel expenses for members of Congress to and from Washington back to their home states/districts should be paid for only 4 times per year. Members of Congress pay for any additional trips themselves. That will keep them at work more often
  • Members of Congress are limited to 2 home state office locations only (on the tax payer dime) and monthly rental of those locations cannot exceed $2500.00 per month each. (Why should they have fancy offices? They are hardly ever there anyway)
  • Any time spent running for another office (other than the one the hold) shall be deducted from their pay
  • Any unspent money in the “war chest’ (political donations unused) shall go directly to pay off the National debt immediately upon leaving office not to be kept by the candidate(s)
  • Congress shall hold no hearings unless they volunteer their time to serve upon them
  • If any member of Congress has constituents that are living below the poverty rate - any earmark they demand or appropriate for their home state or district MUST be first proven to benefit those “needy” constituents directly
  • Any defense contracts that exceed their original budget estimates by more than 20% will require the contractor or company CEO to do mandatory jail time
  • Immediately end all massive tax-payer financed 'agricultural' subsidies to millionaires and billionaires with vanity farms
  • Fire everyone at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and put 99ers to work in those jobs - as we know how to make a dollar stretch.

[WHY? Because on November 3, 2010, the Associated Press reported that government owned mortage buyer, Freddie Mac, posted a $4.1 billion loss in the third quarter of the year and has asked for another $100 million of taxpayer money to help its short term financial condition. It asked for $1.8 billion in the second quarter.

The article estimates that the combined bailouts for both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae will eventually top out at about $260 billion.

***Tier 5 would only have cost about $32 billion, helped to save 5 million people and had an equivalent stimulative effect on the economy of about 2.8 billion dollars per week for 20 weeks]

  • Cancel the U.S. government plan to spend $511 million to expand, not build, its embassy in Afghanistan. I do not know what it cost to build the existing embassy but if it costs more than a half a billion dollars to expand it, the original cost to build it must have been obscenely expensive. Spending this money on a building that is likely just going to get blown up is insane and NOT a good use of our limited American funds
  • Mandate that all Tarp $ must be repaid before any bonuses can be paid to anyone in those companies who still owe. Citigroup, GMAC Financial and Sun Trust banks have not paid back all of their TARP money. Citigroup has paid back about 75% but the other two have not paid back a dime. There is $32 billion still owed by these 3 companies

So you see it is NOT about money. Tier 5 can be paid for completely by just implementing the last of the 16 suggestion above. All the other savings mentioned in this article could help put every jobless American back to work at a living wage. The sad fact is the rich politicians who run America just want the poor unemployed to die off and as soon as possible!




and counting



******A 99er Christmas:






The Congress just keeps on taking vacations leaving millions of unemployed stranded without adding benefit weeks to the emergency benefits last enacted in 2009.

ATTENTION Washington:


The United States of Inequality 

When it comes to the unemployment news in America, our country would more aptly be named: The United States of Inequality. The larger the disparity between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots” - the worse things will continue to get in America.

*From the year 1915 thru 1980, the yearly medium income in the USA rose over $13,000.00 per year. However, between 1980 and 2008, the average income only rose about $300.00 per year.

In 1980 the richest 1 percent accounted for 18% of the nation's income. Today, the richest 1 percent accounts for 24% of the nation's income. The distribution of wealth in America is as out of balance as it has ever been.

In his 2007 book The Conscience of a Liberal, the Nobel laureate, Princeton economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman labeled the post-1979 period the "Great Divergence."

"It's generally understood that we live in a time of growing income inequality, but the ordinary person is not really aware of how big it is," according to Krugman. During the late 1980s and the late 1990s, the United States experienced two unprecedentedly long periods of sustained economic growth—the "seven fat years" and the " long boom." Yet from 1980 to 2005, more than 80 percent of total increase in Americans' income went to the top 1 percent. Economic growth was more sluggish in the eighties, but the decade saw productivity increase by about 20 percent. Yet virtually none of the increase translated into wage growth at middle and lower incomes, an outcome that left many economists scratching their heads.

Today, incomes in the U.S. are more unequal than in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, not less so. It has barely entered the national political debate. Why? Because politicians are among the “Haves” and really do not give a damn about the “Have Nots” - period. Even the President has neglected to acknowledge the plight of the 99ers.

In the his interview, which aired on 60 minutes yesterday (see video below) - President Obama discussed the unemployment problem in the US, the political ramifications of last Tuesday’s election and the tax cuts he was responsible for giving to all Americans. But tax cuts mean NOTHING to those without any income.
Is there a reporter with access to the President with the “stones” to ask our President, point blank about the terrible suffering of 5 million 99ers in this country with no income now for 8 months and what he intends to do about that?

I am a 99er, so I feel that pain and panic everyday that I cannot find a job. Many, like me are at the point where we barely have gas money left to continue our futile job search efforts, let alone money to pay for rent, food and other survival necessities.

In my article: Republican tax cuts or 12 million American jobs - you decideI reported that, (per Demos - a nonpartisan public policy group) You can get 12 million people back to work in this country for the $700 billion a year that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans would cost.

Isn’t it a much better use of that money to put Americans back to work, so we can begin to pay the income taxes required to eventually PAY DOWN THE DEBT? It is a concept even an idiot could understand, but apparently the Republicans cannot get it at all.

But, President Obama is a Democrat, right? So Mr. President, what will you do to save the millions of American 99ers? Please, whatever you do - DO NOT compromise with the Republicannotson this outrageous tax cut extension for the top wealthiest Americans!

* Source was The Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC 11-8-2010

****See Obama Video at:

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ed Schultz for all he has done to help the 99er cause. WE LOVE YOU ED!!!!!

America is fed up with ALL incumbents: 

Democrats & Republicans. Unless we get the help we need to survive NOW - we WILL make you unemployed come November - or sooner via a Primary Challenge. Enough lies & gridlock. WE CANNOT WAIT.

All I want for Christmas is a JOB!

Amid all the bad unemployment news today, one thing is clear: “All I want for Christmas is a JOB” - tops the list this holiday season for millions of Americans.

If there is a 99er on your list this “Black Friday” - they likely just want to survive until the New Year arrives. Eight months with zero income, facing eviction/foreclosure, experiencing hunger on a daily basis and the prospect of no help in sight to prevent them from facing the winter homeless - many unemployed will “opt out” this holiday. 

The suicide rates always increase during the holidays - for those facing far less discouraging circumstances than the terminally unemployed, but this year they will likely explode.

Some 99er FACTS:

If all the 99ers joined hands, they would make a chain reaching from Bangor, ME to San Diego, CA.

If the 99ers were their own City, they’d be more than the combined populations of Los Angeles and Philadelphia - about half the population of NYC and more than half the population of London, England.

If the 99ers were a State, they’d be more than twice the population of the State of Nevada and more than the total population of 25 out of the 50 States in the USA.

If the 99ers were their own Country, they’d be about equal than the population of Scotland or Norway and bigger than over half the countries in the world.

This is a HUGE problem that our feeble and selfish government refuses to address. There is no sense of urgency or concern for over 5 million Americans who will have no Thanksgiving feast or Christmas joy this season, simply because Congress prefers to ignore the tragic consequences of the economic tsunami they (Congress) are responsible for creating.

I hear a ton of sound bites from the Tea Baggers and Republicans saying how “everyone is going to need to make difficult sacrifices to get America out of the hole we have dug for ourselves.” But the only ones who will not be sacrificing are those in Washington and the rich Americans who put them in office. Austerity measures only seem to hurt the poor.

In my next article I will provide a video clip from Fox News that seems to have them suggesting we (the 99ers) should resort to cannibalism to “get through these tough times” Really? 

Fox News to Unemployed: Try Cannibalism to see you through... 



 The 99ers NEW VIDEO: 




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Advocating for Jobless Americans.... 

fighting to survive, for JOBS, Benefit Extensions even MARCHES on Washington.

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