The article posted on the net May 23rd, 2010 by one of our WALL of SHAME members didn't like the responses from it's readers and chose to refuse to post many of them. So he pulled the article then reposted it again with only 1 self-serving comment by a blogger who works for him. So much for being what 

'Free Speech' is all about I guess....

[I did find it on another blog site though] 

I for one would like to see the receipts from the so called "expenses" from this trip to Washington that did not turn out (through no fault if the originator of the 99ers petition) the way we had hoped. $628.00 for a hotel, $300.00 for a car rental and oh yes - he had the copies of whatever he delivered to Washington made at Staples for $80.00 - I thought the largest share of the donation money was to go for professional binding of the required copies to present to Congress?

*****MR. Grone has sent me several threatening emails even though I have demanded he not email me anymore and have reported his foul, abusive, threatening emails to the FBI as harassment.  This is the latest:

On Sun, 23 May 2010 22:59:31 -0400,

 "Robert Grone"

<> said:

You are nothing more than a total bullshit artist... if you continue to defame and slander me I can assure you, you will be paying for it the rest of your life... if you think you are financially in a bind now, you ain't seen nothing yet.... 

[I have done nothing to defame him, he does a great job of doing that himself!]

On Mon, 24 May 2010 06:42:24 -0400,

 "WNV Admin"

<> said:

You will be hearing from my attorney's my dear, you shooting your mouth off has landed you in serious trouble this time

[Ooo I am so scared NOT!  I have told him to BRING ON THE LAWYERS as I have NOTHING anyways and it will cost him MUCH MORE to try and sue me than he will ever see from any award besides he has NO CASE and he knows it!!!  Well I do not scare. Period!]

The following are some 99er comments and replies from Admin of that site.

[EvaGrace's original comment was not posted] But here it is: 

Mr. Grone Wow...for a self-proclaimed 'reporter' you certainly do lack the required moxie it takes to be effective at your job AND what you were PAID to do..BY PEOPLE WHO SPENT THEIR LAST DIME to make sure their voices were heard and their concerns addressed. If it were possible, I'd take your behind back for a FULL REFUND...but our fault was to not make sure our satisfaction was guaranteed, right?  One of the biggest reasons you were chosen to carry out this responsibility was because of your 'vast knowledge and political acumen'...what a joke..unfortunately, the joke was on us. Funny?..not so much. We sent you to ask specific questions about exhaustees and find out if there was any relief in sight. $1000 dollars later, not only do we not have any answers, the questions weren't even asked.

EvaGrace says:

I see that you chose not to post my comment…good move! By the way, you need to take English 101….several times should do it.

admin says:

I see your comment already posted… and if you feel that you can get accurate information from other “blog” sites that spread rumors… than, bye!!

EvaGrace says: 

From one writer to another: don't give up your day job...or don't you have one either? 

EvaGrace says: 

See….I demand accurate facts AND correct grammar from a journalist…don’t you?

admin says:

I am the owner of this site… As the owner and Editor there is one thing I do not carry, Press Credentials would you like to guess why that is? I am certain you have all the answers already however, to make this clear I AM NOT A JOURNALIST comprehend now… there are Reporters, Editors, Chief Editors, Freelance Journalist, Citizen Journalists and the OWNER…
This was agreed to from the beginning to be a businesslike transaction, a presentation of Issa’s petition, the Senate was unfortunately involved with something apparently less important than Issa’s petition, and did to halt the Senate session to address this matter… the matter as stated will be addresses once the petition has been validated for the state of Nevada…
What exactly did you do before you lost your employment? What is your “trained” occupation of field

scott says:

Mr. owner/editor. how dare you put the blame on Issa and those who just tried to help. you told us how petitions work and what procedures are required to submit a petition. why did you not know that it not get held in high regard. you were the one how said you had the clearance and the knowledge of how DC operates. then you write with a condescending tone to Issa. I find that incentive, and it seems to me you did the trip to get coverage for your news site.

admin says:

Where are you getting this bullshit about clearance from? Secondly, Issa once informed could not pull down the complete petition from they refused to release it to her so… Here we go again, someone that cannot read and comprehend an article… where is it pointed out that Issa was to blame for not be allowed access to her full petition in the first place?
This information had full knowledge of Issa on Monday, and Tuesday to which I have the emails to back my word on this… do not pre-judge myself nor Issa regarding what transpired… I have no idea where half this bullcrap is coming from and in fact, Issa and I spoke about some mass mailing she sent out without my having a chance to view whereas, she stated that it was her confusion in part regarding the procedures to which a meeting with a Senator would be arranged… and yes, you have to go through a background check to visit a Senator in private, they are not going to let Charles Mansion just stroll into anyone’s office for a sit down…. try being reasonable when you make such outrageously ridiculous statements…. Issa knew what the plan was, as stated she instigated the meeting with Vaughn to which, I went it is that simple…. I am sorry the entire United States Senate did not halt the days business so that the press secretaries could be on hand to handle this petition presentation… You cannot be serious in your statements…. at least I hope you are simply confused… I let TCahill review this article before it was published for this reason….

Paladinette said

You really ticked off a great many 99ers with this article. For the money you collected to go on this little adventure YOU should have been better prepared and I do NOT blame Issa for any of this. will never get any signature of mine ever again. I feel that the petition is what it is and to start over again at yet another petition site would undo all the work to date.

Harry Reid is ONLY interested in his re-election. I wonder what your angle was??? Very disappointed in WORLDNEWSVINE and see a WALL of SHAME post in your future.

admin says:

Paladinette you ever pull a stunt like that on me again we will be discussing this between our attorneys honey…. you completely made up and continue to make up everything you stated on this “podcast” of yours… that babble you put out just about killed the entire meeting… so go find someone else to play with because you, and you alone is what just about blew this whole thing… you stated nothing but non-truths up this trip, and the who’s who for the day’s events… you weren’t even privileged with the information of what was planned for the day… you are simply delusional honey…

Don’t you ever, do that to me nor WorldNewsVine ever again it is that simple and I hope you are clear on this matter… I want all references and links from WorldNewsVine removed from your site… I do not want any affiliation with anyone that distorts the truth as you have….

Paladinette said

I see you did not give any examples of what facts I supposedly distorted, which tells me that is more unsubstantiated drivel you are using to lash out because you were caught ripping off those who could afford it least.  You are the delusional one Sir. After the stunt you pulled you have nerve talking about some stunt you feel I made. If you are referring to getting protestors via Craig's list, it would be very easy to prove via Craig's list officials that I posted NOTHING on their site PERIOD! Then again FACTS are NOT what you are interested in, just character assassination and unsubstantiated rants. I do not know what podcast to which you refer, but if it is the show Issa appeared on I would believe ISSA over YOU any day. First you blame Issa now me.  Take some personal responsibility for your own failure. Don't worry about taking your link off of my GOOD STUFF page that will be done immediately because you do NOT deserve that honor and the comments here will be put on my site & your rag on our WALL OF SHAME so bring on the lawyers as I have NOTHING you can take! You are very condescending in calling me HONEY. I am not your honey and since you do not have the manners let alone the STONES to admit you did not represent the 99ers properly, then nothing else can be said except your rag will go the way of most other drivel printing web blogs and I pray it will VERY SOON.  I will encourage ALL 99ers to boycott your self serving WorldNewsVine henceforth.  Best of luck to you as you will need it.

Cindy Paoletti says:

I happen to be a 99′er, and I have a couple questions for you.

1. In your first article, you gave us a rundown on how a petition works. Now that the petition has been delivered, you are telling us that Issa did not check out the necessities of the online petition before you delivered it. If you knew that there could be or would be a problem with the petition, why did you not alert Issa to that fact before agreeing to deliver it? This is not Issas fault, and I think that your comments are very condescending towards her and the 99′ers in general.

2. It appears that WNV had some publicity to gain from delivering this petition. We all know that the government is well aware of unemployment in the country. This petition and you as our spokesperson was for the 99′ers. You do not mention them in your article as being spoken about with the staffers from Reids office. This should have been the constant topic. If it was, then why haven’t you mentioned it in the above article?

People donated money to get this deliverd by you. Money they did not have but were willing to part with hoping this would do some good. Granted, you have written many articles about the 99′ers on your website, and you know the desperation that many of them are in. Why didn’t WNV contribute some money towards this trip out of concern to those who didn’t have it yet gave their last dollars? I believe that Issa made a big mistake doing this. And she was vulnerable because she wanted it delivered and couldn’t do it herself. You stepped in and offered to help. I personally don’t see where this was any help to the 99′ers at all, except for you making a name for yourself and your website in Washington. I certainly hope you will have more to offer on the 99′ERS when whoever it is gets back to you, if they bother to get back to you. This is just another let down we have to endure, after all the hard work that went into the petition.

admin says:

For starters, this was not some publicity stunt honey… this was a private meeting arranged by Issa from the start…. Issa was unaware of what was allowing her access to was not the entire petition.. Secondly, I had on more than one occasion spoke with Issa in attempts to convince her to go and deliver the petiton in person to which it was her personal decision to send me to the PRIVATE meeting with the Senators staff….

You are getting your information from sources other than the horse’s mouth on this…. my point being made is simple.. I Public Petition is just that… all that participated knowingly made their personal information PUBLIC…. now it was agreed by Issa to hand deliver the information and speak in person in this PRIVATE meeting….and as I stated in other answers to this comment, and if this article sounds pointed it is and that is why it was not published online and is not for republication anywhere under copyright laws to which I will pursue action… certain people got a hold of bits and pieces of conversations and totally blew it out of proportion… where does anyone get off posting that everyone should meet me in front of the Senators office to protest as a show of support in the first place… I never agreed to any of this childish behavior and in fact stated that this presentation was to be held in a professional businesslike manner end of story…

Stepped into to help? Yes volunteered to help get the monies together to get Issa to DC… then a third party offered to fly her to DC… to which I responded that this donation should be immediately halted however, Issa insisted that if the monies came through to fly her to DC and put her up in a hotel room she wanted me their as well… Well, that line of crap from some third party never came to fruition, whereas I stated to Issa on the phone that she could and should still be the one to deliver this petition and meet with Vaughn, Natasha and Maria whereas, the initial arrangements were made between Issa and the aforementioned, not me… there was a bit of a problem getting the “press” coverage due to the Finance Reform Bill being moved to the floor that day… knowing this, would you Cindy been able to provide the additional close to $600 to stay an additional day? I know I had no intentions of doing so, and in fact I was asked to stay another day to which, the staff thought it was because of this Circus like atmosphere created by certain online bloggers that was the cause for my hesitation whereas, I explained it was more a matter of finances to which, I stated that maybe before the summer recess I could afford another trip on my own to make a visit…. how’s that for an explanation and yes I am extremely ticked off about the way certain people handled this in fact we had one commenter on another thread call that specific person out for these “exaggerations” that is the only person that is looking for publicity out of this… if there were protesters there when I arrived, and I asked that in case there were, was there a service entrance I could use…

Cindy Paoletti says:

For starters, HONEY, no one was ever told about the entire petition not being released. All we were told was that duplicate names and screen names had to be removed. What exactly wasn't released? We were unaware that there was any kind of problem and we also did not know that you were trying to raise the money for Issa to get to DC. The information we had came from Issa herself.

I don't know what went down and personally I don't care. What I do care about is the fact that the delivery of this petiton, and the money raised to get it there from people who have no incomes is doing nothing to help us. Had we known all of these details beforehand, it would have been better to just let Reids office print out the petition themselves even though it would have taken a few days longer.

Furthermore, I never mentioned anything about protesters so I'm not sure why you brought that up in my response. What difference would it have made if protesters were outside the building? Would you have been embarrassed by them? These are people begging for their lives here, not a bunch of bums with nothing better to do.

In answer to your would I have spent the 600 dollars to stay an additional night, if I had a job or owned a website like yours that obviously makes money, your damn right I would have spent the money. This is not a joking matter. We are looking at millions of people being forced into poverty with no safety net to help them. Seeing how you were doing this as a part of WNV, wouldn't that have been an easy write off on taxes as an expense for your business? 

Justin says  (post was never printed)

'Admin, Mr Sweetcheeks- I hope you had fun taking advantage of the 99er's in an attempt to gain publicity for WNV. What was your purpose on delivering and being a voice for the 99er's?? And from your comments it seems as though there is a side of the story you are keeping this from us? You guys are suppose to report the 'facts' - although you failed to report that in your article. Why all of a sudden do you have hate and dishonest towards us? (Those=Frustrated Unemployed) Being an internet user and seeing the name '' are you saying the hype is not real? Yes, I am sticking up for Issa, shes a voice of the people- But not to get side tracked, Reading one of your articles it clearly stated you guys have the 'background, connections, and clearance' and have dealt with Politicians. Could you (being a news org) not have lead us in the right direction if you claim you knew the ends and outs? Why did you NOT pick up on this from the beginning, regarding petition? And since you like calling everyone 'honey' it shows how professional you are- very cute sweetcheeks! <3 xoxo I hope you made a great deal of money from us, ok sweetcheeks? Your a journalist and being disrespectful, you sir are a big man. I praise you. And why do you keep threatening with legal actions? We can't share the article? You can easily 'Not Publish' but be a real man, publish all comments and respond at least, What do you have to hide?'

What are these rumors?

Now it was a Businesslike matter? Therefore if what your saying is... this was for profit for WNV then actually trying to help? You wanted to take us for a ride, I see you didn't post any other comments sent in, what are you trying to hide? oh wait, this comment won't be posted. ty i have a registered account. I <3 you sweetcheeks!

Like i said, you did this to make money off of us, your making more website hits, more traffic, advertising, revenue increase, and publicity for WNV! You have a win/win situation, You were all to gain. And those prices for hotel and rental car, what did you stay 5 star? and what was your rental, a BMW? Be Real...

Why did you go if you have no background? This didn't make you fit to go, we raised $1000 for you to go, and we were better off having a 99er deliver it, and if we needed to raise more we could have. You have a free ride, hope you enjoyed it. We should publish an article 'WNV takes Unemployed for Free Ride, Literally!" Have one of your Reporters take the piece. Did we also pay for your call girl? Stop hiding, Open Up Sweetcheeks.

Now it seems as though that web blog is obviously so embarrassed by what they did/did not do they have decided NOT to publish anymore articles about the 99ers. Big surprise! Rip us off then run and hide.  Too bad we did not know the flawed character of this emissary before entrusting him with our $$ and the petition delivery. I think his poor character speaks so loud that any future posts they might crank out are NOT WORTH READING!!!  I have blocked them on Twitter and have canceled my google alerts for their future drivel blogs, posing as news articles.  I suggest we all BOYCOTT this rag henceforth. But that is really your decision.

I for one am not wasting one more minute of my time on this ignorant slug no matter what he says or does!

Comment to me from a U-Cubed member:  Tell Issa she did NOTHING wrong, she and the rest of the 99er’s are probably victims. I live 4 hours from Grone’s home town. He could have taken the train from Albany to DC for less OR Jet Blue from JFK (train cheap from albany to JFK) to DC for $139.00.

Hmmmmm  VERY interesting and revealing as well.....


BREAKING NEWS about the 99er Petition FIASCO:

READ WNV latestest BS from Grone at:

then email him and call him on his ever changing stories!  TOTAL CRAP!!!

Robert Grone
Post Office Box 62
East Schodack, New York 12063

(518) 526-3407


ANYONE who donated money for the 99ers petition delivery PLEASE report this fraud to PayPal too!!!

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