Long time advocate for the 99er Nation, Mignon Veasley-Fields will appear on Ed Schultz today. Both his radio show and his MSNBC TV show will feature Mrs. Veasley-Fields as she attempts to share nationally the premise behind the new 99er NOVO movement.

The 99er-NOVOs are a group of 99er Americans that are fed up with Washington. Their loyalty are to neither party until they do their job and help our families. The NOVOs want Senator Stabenow’s -  “Americans Want To Work” bill brought to the floor and passed immediately!

61 year old Mignon Veasley-Fields of Los Angeles laid out the pain most of us who cannot find a job are feeling. The fear of losing everything we have worked so hard for is eloquently expressed in her very well spoken words at the end of the interview (http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/tapper-refusal-extend-unemployment-11111453), which aired on ABC in early July this year.

Mignon has been unemployed since June 2008.  She lost all unemployment benefits the first week of June, 2010. She and her husband James are raising their three grandchildren, because their mother could no longer care them.  James  is 77 years of age and works part-time as an MTA bus operator.

"His meager salary is the only means of income that we have now.  We have owned our home since 1996 and now we are scared to death that we might not be able to continue to pay the mortgage. 

For months and months, I have looked for work. In my past, I have made a near six figure salary, but now I can’t even find a job at a fast food restaurant; they’re all filled and if they are available in my city, I am advised that I am over-qualified for the position. It is a no win situation.

The lie being spread across the country that all unemployed are particular as to the type of job or that we are lazy and are drug addicts is only that, a lie. We are desperate for jobs, but there are not enough jobs for all of the unemployed who are seeking employment in this nation.

Many times my husband and I have had to choose whether to pay a utility bill or to pay for medicine for him or for one of my grandchildren. Like Congress, who has turned their backs on us and who seemingly have no concern for the American citizen, the utility companies don’t care if you sit in the dark or freeze in the cold weather.

Let me state without hesitation that I am weary and I am scared for my family’s immediate future if Congress does not help those of us who have surpassed the basic unemployment tiers. The 99ers are 5 million strong. We are the 900 pound gorilla in the room and Congress is trying with all their might to ignore us."          

You can listen to the Ed Show on radio today at Noon eastern time and watch Mignon on the Ed Show which airs at 6 PM EST on MSNBC.