This week the 99er Nation launches a “White Ribbon Campaign” for all 99ers and those who support the passage of a Tier 5, for all long term unemployed Americans.

The hope is that any and all who support the plight of the 99ers will wear a simple white ribbon to show their commitment to the cause, including news media members, celebrities, politicians and of course the 99er Nation themselves.

The campaign was contrived by leaders within the 99er Nation like: Cindy Paoletti, Connie Kaplan, Rob Curtis, PalTalk participants of “Tier 5 to Survive - Unemployed” chat room and dedicated members within the 99er cause.

Ed Schultz has also been contacted and invited to wear the “99er white ribbon” to show his support. No response has yet been received from the Schultz camp on if he will do so.

By all accounts, the One Nation rallies held yesterday from Washington DC to Los Angeles were a resounding success, even as the right wing nuts have already begun to trash the marchers as "communists and socialists". Right wing blogs using pictures of trash left behind in the DC mall and depicting the crowds only after the huge crowd had dispursed, claim that the march was a bust.

No matter how "Fox psuedo News" and the right wing nuts may want to spin the impact of the unity march, the real proof will come on election day, when the true impact of the political ramifications of either side will be felt.

See for your self the crowds and speakers by viewing the CSPAN coverage of the complete 4 hour rally at this link: