With 19 states refusing to take advantage of the money Washington set aside for the “so called” 13 month extension of UI benefits last December, 99ers need to ask Washington:Where is the Money?

This money was already allocated and thus, if it is not going to be spent, it is ready and available to offset the cost of a PAID FOR extra Tier (or additional weeks to an existing Tier) to extend UI benefits for those who desperately need them.

Why every 99er in America is not constantly calling the Republican leadership in the House and the Democratic sponsors of HR 589 every single day demanding they look into this “new way” to fund a 99er extension now is beyond me.

The San Diego Unemployment Examiner has consistently called these folks and I suggest you do too. Then help spread the word to others, as many as you can telling them to spread it too and so on. If the millions of 99ers in America overload the Congressional phone lines daily it WILL become front page news - but getting 99ers to take action in droves has been as unsuccessful as getting Washington to create jobs in America.

Call Congress Toll Free: (877) 762-8762 and ask to speak with each of the following members: Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Representative Emmanuel Cleaver, Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Bobby Scott (D-Va.)

Then call the White House Comments line 202-456-1414 or contact Obama and give him a piece of your mind as to how you feel about his constantly having plenty of money to help every other country but America.http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact