Last week it was announced that over a dozen net groups full of 99ers united in one big voice to put the strength of their huge numbers into a concentrated push to pass S3706 (The Americans Want to Work Act).

On Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - between 9AM and 9PM they will flex their lobbying muscle in a gigantic fax, call and email campaign to urge the US Senate to bring S3706 to the floor for a vote.

In a show of unity, the various 99er Advocacy groups have coalesced into one large united force to lobby Washington for the Tier 5 Americans Want to Work Act. The Umbrella group will be known as The American 99ers' Union .

All members of The American 99ers' Union acting as one will fax, email, and/or make phone calls to their own two Senators, urging them to immediately support and PASS The Americans Want To Work Act, S. 3706. [The exact letter to be sent can be downloaded at]

The recommended action is strategically designed to:

1. Show that we are united in a grassroots movement that is growing in strength and numbers to greatly impact the midterm elections.

2. Provide sound reason and fact as to why this is not only the right thing to do for 99ers, but also supports America's economic recovery by stimulating the economy

3. Inform our Senators that we are watching their votes very closely and we will vote against those who oppose this bill in the November election, encourage our friends and family to vote against them and use the internet and media to encourage the general public to vote against those who will not help Americans who are suffering without unemployment insurance during this national emergency

4. Demonstrate our commitment to use our combined influence to ensure millions of 99ers all across the nation perform the one job they still hold on November 2nd - VOTE for those who have represented and continue to represent our desperate need for extended unemployment insurance and jobs

S3706 is currently languishing in "Committee limbo" within the Senate Finance Committee. This bill MUST be brought to the Senate Floor immediately and passed in time to allow the House to do the same, prior to the next scheduled Congressional recess on October 8, 2010. Passage of this bill before the election is crucial in order to save the lives of millions of hurting Americans currently on the brink of complete financial disaster, hunger and homelessness.

So, now it is time for us to show our strength and numbers to the Senate!

With the midterm elections shaping up to be a tight race, for eventual control of both the House and Senate, unemployed Americans can easily be the deciding factor in who keeps their legislative jobs and which members of Congress join the unemployment lines in November.

To contact The American 99ers' Union call 202-579-9377 (99ERS)

ALL unemployed Americans, their friends and family members who have watched, first hand the devastating suffering 8 months without benefits can induce, are urged to participate in this big push for the survival of the 99er Nation by contacting as many lawmakers as possible, with this one message.