American Unemployed are MAD as hell at being ignored. Every day in our country, millions of unemployed are suffering greatly, going hungry, homeless and literally dying. So what is our government doing to help? NOTHING!

The obligation of the individual to act justly toward his fellowman, requires him (as far as that is possible) to do nothing that inflicts injury on them by depriving them of the things they need in order to make good lives for themselves.  The positive side consists of actions that facilitate or enhance the pursuit of happiness by others, through helping them to obtain goods that they need, but that they cannot obtain wholly by their own efforts.

The obligation of the organized community or of its government is to act justly toward its members or subjects. This function is crucial to a properly functioning government and a thriving society. A just government is one that secures, as far as that is possible, the natural rights of all who are subject to it. In other words, it is under the obligation to injure no one. Beyond this, however, a just government is under the positive obligation, as a matter of justice, to promote the general welfare.

Bonum Commune Communitatis [Latin for: Common good of the community] It means, first, that it ought to preserve and enhance the common good of the community itself, in which its subjects participate or share, a good that is essential to their making good lives for themselves. In addition, it means that a just government ought to help its subjects obtain the real goods that they cannot obtain wholly by their own individual efforts. As Lincoln observed, a government should do for its people what they, individually, cannot do for themselves.

The purpose of the state is to help it’s citizens not only to live, but also to live well; it is, by its very nature, a means to these ends, and it serves these ends only when it promotes the general welfare by preserving peace and helping its people to obtain the things they need that they cannot obtain by their individual efforts.

We can conclude, then, that contractual obligations have a distinctly moral component. Autonomy means that people are held morally responsible for the decisions that they make; since a contract is a voluntary agreement to do something, the responsibility is generated to meet the conditions of the contract.

Look now at those names on your ballot and determine for your selves if these folks have or will meet their moral obligation to the citizens of the United States of America. If you have any doubt that a candidate will do so - DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM.

It comes as no surprise that President Obama nor 95% of all candidates who are actually competing in the up coming election are determined to completely ignore the term “99ers.”  The reason is, if the incumbents were to do so, they would surely have to own up to their failure to provide the help these 5 million (or more) Americans so desperately need. Those who are challengers (non-incumbents) this election season also avoid the subject of the 99ers’ dilemma. This greatly angers the 99er Nation beyond words, but what can you do about this? VOTE wisely.

Feelings of "anger" about the country’s economic problems vary across party lines. In a recent ABC News/Yahoo Poll, 12 percent of registered Democrats said they were angry about the economy, compared to 30 percent of independents and more than 40 percent of Republicans.

Of the quarter of the survey's total registered voters who classified themselves as "angry" heading into the midterm elections, a majority said that they blame both parties equally. But an additional 35 percent point the finger just at Democrats, compared to just 10 percent who say the GOP is solely to blame. They also say that they are more likely to vote than those who say that they're "dissatisfied," but not hopping mad.

HELLO....what country have these folks been living in for the past decade? It is an undeniable FACT that the Republicans spent like drunken sailors during the Bush Jr. years and deregulated corporate responsibility to the point where the big wigs nearly destroyed the American economy with their greed and lack of fair play toward the public.

If the Democrats are guilty of anything, it is that they have worked too slow to save millions of Americans from the inevitable wake of destruction that swelled during the Bush years and began to crash ashore just before Obama took office.

Are you mad as hell? Then this crisis in America demands that you do not sit this one out on November 2, 2010. If you do everything humanly possible to send the best, most humane leaders to Washington and it still does not work - then you still have the option in America to engage in massive protests and civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is sometimes justified in a democracy, but activists must first exhaust the legal channels of change and turn to disobedience only as a last resort. Post election rioting was recently demonstrated in Iran, with tragic results.

If civil unrest is indeed coming to America, due to the failure of our government to meet the needs of millions of hurting citizens - then it may well begin as massive protests. A protest expresses a strong reaction to events or situations. The term protest usually implies a reaction against something, but it could also mean a reaction for something. Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly and forcefully making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy, or may undertake direct action in an attempt to directly enact desired changes themselves.

With just a week or so until the election of the decade, the first thing that must be done is to keep the oppressors of the middle class out of power. Once the Congress returns to Washington, November 15, 2010 - they must (no matter how this election turns out) address the issue of unemployment extensions (both a Tier 5 and the extension of the dates to file for UI benefits).

If Congress should ignore this priority obligation, then the reaction of those Americans effected by this failure of government is likely to be heard around the world via European type protests in the streets of our own USA shores.

Now I am NOT promoting violence or condoning it in any way, but it would be remiss of anyone reporting on the devastation among the 99er Nation to ignore the very real possibility that this may happen very soon - unless Washington does it’s job and takes care of those hurting, desperate people now.