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Survivor: Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Posted by Paladinette on Saturday, April 30, 2011,


Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Survivor has always been my absolute favorite TV show and since we have gotten satellite TV after seeing this Direct Tv DVR Offers Comparison and I have been watching it non-stop. They always pick the best characters for this show, and yes, that includes the villains. I actually love that they put villains on Survivor, it really spices things up and it is really hard for me to think of them as 'bad people' because after all, it is a game that requires ...

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Royal Wedding: Who Cares? Americans Ask WHERE are the JOBS!

Posted by Paladinette on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, In : HR589 
With all the media buzz over the Royal Wedding these days, on this side of the pond America asks: Who Cares? Ed Schultz even mentioned on his MSNBC political hour last night how only 6% of Americans care anything about this overpriced and over covered media event. Ed Schultz taking time in his show to discuss the Royal Wedding may be testimony as to how hard up for political news the media is while Congress vacations - but America is asking WHERE are the JOBS?

It would seem that the media woul...

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Unemployment Zealotry and the Frustrations of a Jobs Advocate

Posted by Paladinette on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, In : HR589 
There is a great deal to be said about Unemployment Zealotry and the Frustrations of being a Jobs Advocate. The job does not suffer fools or lend itself to the faint hearted or thin skinned. Zealotry is a sacrificial calling as it turns out - but one never really sets out to go on such a quest. Often it is thrust upon you by circumstance or necessity. Such is the case of one Unemployed Zealot: Paladinette.

When blowing the whistle on corrupt mortgage lending at a nationwide lender landed her i...

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The Mendacity of Obama’s Hope and Change

Posted by Paladinette on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, In : HR589 

In “Unemployment News” today, the Mendacity of Obama’s Hope and Change leaves 99ers Mendicant, as Congress embarks upon yet another of way too many overpaid vacations.

[Mendacity vs Mendicity for those who do not know: Mendacity means lies, untruthfulness, BS and the definition of Mendicity relates to begging in the streets] Isn’t that what Obama’s refusal to address the 99er issue directly for more than a year now has forced the exhaustees to resort to?

Apparently the recently postpo...

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Governing by Extortion: The GOP Doctrine

Posted by Paladinette on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, In : HR589 
Governing by Extortion is apparently the GOP Doctrine for the 112th Congress. They seem hell bent on governing by a reverse “Robin Hood” type principle of Robbing from the Poor and giving more to the Rich.

Embarrassing. That’s one word to apply to the fiasco in Washington, D.C., last week. Another word would be deplorable, but whatever name you give it, it is Extortion plain and simple and it is disgusting.

So why are the Republican “Fat Cats” able to get away with tactics that for an...

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What Can 12,000 Jobless Advocates Do to Washington?

Posted by Paladinette on Thursday, April 7, 2011, In : HR589 

What Can 12,000 Jobless Advocates Do to Washington? Well first they can tell everyone they know to join the same team they have, in order to fight for the UI Benefits they need to survive and the JOBS we all need to thrived.

With Membership between Facebook likes and the U-Cubed website now well over 12,000, U-Cubed is rapidly becoming the most prolific and powerful voice the Unemployed in America have fighting on their behalf. Please JOIN THE FIGHT it is free!

U-Cubed on:

FACEBOOK: http://www.f...

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99ers Need to Ask Washington: Where is the Money?

Posted by Paladinette on Thursday, April 7, 2011, In : HR589 

With 19 states refusing to take advantage of the money Washington set aside for the “so called” 13 month extension of UI benefits last December, 99ers need to ask Washington:Where is the Money?

This money was already allocated and thus, if it is not going to be spent, it is ready and available to offset the cost of a PAID FOR extra Tier (or additional weeks to an existing Tier) to extend UI benefits for those who desperately need them.

Why every 99er in America is not constantly calling the...

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Jobless Talk Rant April 1, 2011 The Cruelest April Fools Joke of all

Posted by Paladinette on Friday, April 1, 2011, In : HR589 

The Jobs numbers from the BLS:  

Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 216,000 in March, The number of unemployed persons (13.5 million) and the unemployment rate (8.8 

percent) changed little in March. The labor force also was little changed over 

the month. Since November 2010, the jobless rate has declined by 1.0 percentage 


The number of job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs, at 8.2 million, was little changed in March...

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ABOUT ME: PALADINETTE is a tireless advocate for the US unemployed millions. Being out of work through more than 2 years of desperate job hunting, gaps in jobless benefits and struggling to survive, she has launched her own TALK RADIO SHOW called Jobless Talk. You can follow her advocacy efforts on her web page Jobless Unite TIER 5 to SURVIVE !!!! at

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