Turn on any TV lately and you are bound to be slammed with talk of the midterm elections or unemployment news. The unemployment news is always bad these days, but yesterday, Glenn Beck talked about the 99ers on his Fox show.

Being a 99er myself and belonging to the American 99ers Union, Beck discusses during his program, I can tell you that I am an expert on the 99er issues and really wish Mr. Beck had contacted me or one of the other 5 million 99ers to fact check his story first - but then again - we are talking about Glenn Beck, who doesn’t ever really deal in facts.

The 99er talk begins at 13:05 in the 1st video and continues in the 2nd video below it. Boy has this guy got just about everything wrong. I guess he won't fork over the $$$ to pay for fact checkers. If he was actually as concerned about the unemployed as he represents in his video - he would at least hire one fact checker, right? Come on man - Glenn, buddy - try to practice what you preach. It would give you a little something you cannot buy with all of your money: Credibility!

See for yourselves the absolute drivel he spews and all under the guise of trying to appear so concerned about the unemployed in America.

[WARNING: Viewing the “Beckster” is known to give most who watch him extreme nausea. Please view with caution.]

1st Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Dhnhb5x4A&feature=player_embedded

2nd Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjp6yu6T-Hc&feature=player_embedded