GOP Approves Jobs Bill to Deny UI to Jobless Lacking Diploma or GED.

Wednesday, a congressional panel approved a Republican bill that would allow states to divert $31 billion worth of federal money for the long-term unemployed and use it to pay down state debt instead. The bill also would disqualify jobless Americans from receiving unemployment benefits if they lack a high school diploma or a GED. The bill would also set a national minimum standard for work-search requirements for laid off workers who apply for benefits.

The Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits and Services Act (JOBS Act for short), approved by the House Ways and Means Committee, would let states trim or even eliminate extra weeks of benefits, which currently support more 4.1 million laid-off workers. The bill now heads to the full House of Representatives.

What is next? No UI benefits unless you have a college degree? This is just the latest assault on the poor, especially since the GOP seems determined to cut education programs and has already devastated the college grants once available to assist low income Americans seeking a college education.

Isn’t it bad enough that Congress and Obama refuse to lift a finger to help millions of 99ers and other UI exhaustees, struggling daily to survive? Now they fast track a worthless bill to the House floor that adds insult to the injury of virtually killing HR 589 - a bill specifically designed to help the 99ers survive. 

If there is $31 billion dollars available for HR 1745 then there is certainly $14 billion of that which has been available to pay for HR 589 all along. Congressional GOPers just prefer to let the 99ers die off and by the apparent lack of resistance on the part of millions of UI exhaustees - the 99ers are letting Washington do exactly that and without much of a fight.

WAKE UP AMERICA! An uneducated, under compensated work force of cheap labor and a fearful, sheepish population of “Have Nots” is just what the Republican agenda seeks to attain. They do not want smart, courageous people among the poor, as that might just mean massive unrest in rebellion and the end to the greedy, self-serving “cash machine” that is now the status quo in Congress. Sitting by and allowing the rich elite to ravage, pillage and plunder the poor even further is the equivalent to condoning such and NOT the American way. You reap what you sow - so be it!