Governing by Extortion is apparently the GOP Doctrine for the 112th Congress. They seem hell bent on governing by a reverse “Robin Hood” type principle of Robbing from the Poor and giving more to the Rich.

Embarrassing. That’s one word to apply to the fiasco in Washington, D.C., last week. Another word would be deplorable, but whatever name you give it, it is Extortion plain and simple and it is disgusting.

So why are the Republican “Fat Cats” able to get away with tactics that for any other citizen would be considered illegal? Well, the fact is that Congress is exempt from mere legalities. Look after all at bribery - in Congress it is called lobbying and thus legal. Another reason Congress is so boldly confident that they can get away with such unreasonable behavior detrimental to America is Obama’s long history of “Bending Over” to such outrageous tactics in the past.

By abandoning their humanity, Capitol Hill is poised to relegate all the once middle class and doom all the poor and elderly in America to such a substandard way of life - revolution may be the only way good, decent, patriotic, fed up and motivated US citizens can save us all from a Washington D. C. plutocracy determined to destroy our country.

No matter how the wealth controlled media and government may attempt to persuade you otherwise, it IS the PEOPLE who in the end have the power to change what is happening in Washington NOW - NOT in 2012. We cannot wait for the voting process. Egypt did not wait. Tunisia and a half dozen other countries this year have shown more backbone than American’s have displayed in many decades. I guess it is all about how much someone is willing to endure and for how long they will accept being kicked around by their rich and powerful abusers.

The only thing worse than our president caving in to the extortionist tactics of the GOP seems to be the millions of Americans who appear satisfied with losing everything and not bothering to fight back at all.

At this rate, Obama’s Legacy will NOT be HCR - it WILL BE Killing Off POOR, Old & Unemployed and that of the 112th Congress will be one of legal extortion, inhumanity and unbridled plutocracy.