October 12, 2010

Today on the Ed Schultz radio show, Ed read an email from a 99er that accused him (Schultz) of bowing to pressure to ignore the plight of 99ers losing their homes. Ed’s response to this unjustified attack was understandably curt, saying: “What do you want me to do?”

Pointing out that the Congress is in recess until mid-November, Ed added that “if there is any other member of the media who has done more for the 99ers, I’d like to know about it. Send me their name, because I’d like to interview them.”

Although this was just one email, it is doubtful that Ed would have read this comment on air, had he not received many more just like it. This is appalling! Every 99er in America owes Ed Schultz great thanks for his dedication to their cause. Without Schultz, millions of the longest term unemployed, without any lifeline UI for 8 months now, would have had virtually no voice whatsoever.

It is time that all 99ers with a computer send Ed an email or tweet thanking him (again) for all he has done to help the 99ers. You can tweet Ed:@Wegoted or send him an email:ed@edschultzshow.com or athttp://www.wegoted.com/ Email Ed right now today.

Ed’s is a powerful voice that 99ers need to get Tier 5 passed as soon as Congress returns.

Sure, many 99ers are angry over the situation they find themselves in today and over mostly being ignored by Washington, but being angry with Ed Schultz over this is like hating your doctor because you have cancer. Stupid and unproductive. Misplaced anger can be very destructive and it will not get Tier 5 passed one minute earlier.

Please show Ed Schultz the gratitude befitting his huge efforts on behalf of the 99er Nation. Contact him today and tell him how much hope he has given to the unemployed masses and tell him you will not allow the Republicans to take over Washington on November 2, 2010.