Today, the day after the exit polls, one must ask the question: Hello Washington: Are you listening? That question and the answer is open to a great deal of interpretation, speculation and mistranslation of whatever message yesterday’s Republican victories truly mean.

One thing that is crystal clear is the misnomer touted by such “Right Wing Idiots” like Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor and John Boehner that ‘Americans said by their votes that they (citizens of the USA) want to continue the Bush Tax cuts for the top 3% of the wealthiest’ is total BS. Obviously these presumed leaders of the next House session are already out of touch with what America wants.

Cantor in his acceptance speech last night said: “Americans want a government that listens to it’s people.” So why aren’t those Republicans listening? Because they are rich and do not care what anyone who is NOT rich wants, period.

Now that the election is over, it is time for the “Lame Duckers” to get back to Washington immediately - not wait until the 15th of this month. We all (every unemployed American) need to be calling the Whitehouse Comments Line [Comments:202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461] and tell Mr. Obama the real meaning of what happened yesterday.

Tell our President that the Democrats shot themselves in the foot by ignoring the 99ers and the unemployed in this country. That He (our President) failed to acknowledge the 99ers or hold a town hall meeting with unemployed Americans and thus the Democrats lost the House (and nearly the Senate) and every exit poll proves that the #1 issue effecting those who did vote was the unemployment issue. We cannot eat Health Care, nor does that pay the rent.

As long as you are on the phone to the Whitehouse, it would behoove you to let the President know that extending the Bush tax cuts for the top 3% of the richest Americans even 1 day is NOT ACCEPTABLE! (Obama will like that as he agrees - but we need to let him know we support him on this issue!)

You may also wish to express to President Obama how the Congress needs to return to Washington NOW not 2 weeks from now. America is in crisis and Washington has taken far too much time off, ignoring the needs of the unemployed hurting so badly in America today. If Obama does not wish to be a 1 term President (and I for one still support him) then Congress MUST pass a Tier 5 and extend the filing dates for filing UI - set to expire at month’s end.

There is precious little time, as if they wait to return on the 15th - they will adjourn once again a week later for their Thanksgiving break. Most 99ers will not be having a Thanksgiving this year - so Congress needs to get their work done now:

  • Put a stop to the tax breaks for the top 3% of wealthiest Americans
  • Pass a Tier 5 for all UI “exhaustees” in every state
  • Extend the UI filing dates set to expire on November 30th and December 5th.

Remember that it was Unemployment and shafting the long term unemployed that lost you the House yesterday and failure to handle the 3 tasks above, will likely result in Democrats losing the Senate and the Presidency too in 2012. The hurting unemployed have long memories and there are millions of unemployed in this country. Multiply the unemployed by the 10 to 15 other voters (minimum) that they can influence and there goes the next election.

And to the “Right Wing Idiots” like Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor and John Boehner: Listen up! America does NOT want you to waste your time repealing Health Care, Financial Reform or impeaching the President. You really need to hit the ground running and spend all of your time fixing what is wrong in this country. Hint: WE NEED JOBS in America!  If you waste your time on an agenda that does not help those hurting Americans, then brace yourselves for a bumpy 2 years and a Democratic landslide in 2012. [I must confess I hope Republicans are too dumb to take this advice - but pray the “Lame Duckers” do!]

REMEMBER: To contact the Whitehouse  [Comments:202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461] and tell Mr. Obama the real meaning of what happened yesterday. Tier 5 to Survive - NOW!