The Jobs numbers from the BLS:  

Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 216,000 in March, The number of unemployed persons (13.5 million) and the unemployment rate (8.8 

percent) changed little in March. The labor force also was little changed over 

the month. Since November 2010, the jobless rate has declined by 1.0 percentage 


The number of job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs, at 8.2 million, was little changed in March but has fallen by 1.3 million since November 2010.  The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was 6.1 million in March; their share of the unemployed increased from 43.9 to 45.5 percent over the month.

The cruel April Fools joke here is how many in the public will just blindly believe this crap they are shoveling and that the Media is touting this as a huge improvement. Sort of like saying “well less people found dead today in Japan - so things are improving...” Total crap. I heard Contessa Brewer say this morning on MSNBC how Jobs are coming back in every sector and at a rapid pace. - I waited for the punch-line but it never came - so then I wondered how on earth she could report that crap with a straight face. I think they need to give her an Emmy for “best performance in attempting to bullshit the public”

Who do these guys think they are kidding? First of all:

Non-farm payroll employment increased by 216,000 in March? Well then factor in the total New Jobless claims for March ( a total of 1,558,000) and you see how insane things really are in the USA.

The number of job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs, at 8.2 million, was little changed in March but has fallen by 1.3 million since November 2010.  OK SO 1.3 million is all it takes to change the UE rate by 1 full % point right? So the 7 million plus 99ers or UI exhaustees they are no longer counting actually equate to 6 full % points in the national Unemployment rate. Since the 9.8 figure we all know was complete crap and it was more like 16% or higher - to give the exhaustees anymore benefits would mean they have to include us again in the figures. To count us would have moved the bogus 9.8 % to well over 15% and the real UE rate officially over 22% - so now you understand why Obama will NEVER let that happen - why he refuses to even mention the UI exhaustees and prefers to distract America with issues on foreign shores. Apparently even our President views us as SHEEPLE! And why not? We act like it and as long as that is the case we will continue to be lied to, squeezed out, ignored and screwed over. Are you mad enough yet to do something? Something BIG?

No?  Ok How about that dick head Gov. in Michigan signing into law a 6 week cut in UI benefits? Not to mention the states who have refused to allow their long term unemployed residents to even take advantage of the extend time to utilize the 4 extensions currently in place. Idaho, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina and 11 other states.  Let’s face it - THIS is an outright WAR on the unemployed, the poor and the middle class. And we had better start fighting back NOW - before it is too late.

Did you hear Arizona want to charge medicade patients who are overweight a surcharge because they are overweight. Well most poor on medicade are also on food stamps. We know food stamps already doesn’t begin to help you afford good healthy food as the benefit amounts were established years ago and we all know that food prices are skyrocketing besides that they have already curt food-stamps and such and are cutting then yet again. So how exactly is it proper to further penalize America’s poor I mean they already are hungry - they are forced into substandard diets due to their inability to afford more nutritious food choices, which makes them at greater risk to die earlier anyway - now they have to fork over more money they do not have for the medical care they need probably due to the poor eating habits attributed to their need to rely on food stamps so they can eat at all.  This insanity had to STOP!

This next item should piss you off - it did me....Did you hear about that Florida Governor trying to pass a bill requiring weekly drug testing for all state workers, UI, food-stamp & welfare recipients? Isn’t is funny how they gripe and moan about not having the money to pay UI benefits - but they want to incur the extra expense of administering a drug testing policy? And WHY?  GREED - That governor OWNS a drug testing private lab for profit. Isn't this a HUGE conflict of interest? 

I'd like to know when avoiding even the "appearance of impropriety" no longer became the standard? These political jerks do not even have the good sense to hide their greed and corruption anymore and seem to feel anything they do is OK.  This Florida Governor SHOULD NOT get away with this obvious "padding of his own Pockets".

These corrupt BASTARDS are more bold than ever about their blatant corruption. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. I have a theory why this is happening: Politicians, just like children will get away with whatever they can. We the People allow these jerks to get away with more and more. Republicans and Democrats alike. They engage in illegal behavior and stay in their Public Service Jobs. WTF? They evade their taxes, frequent prostitutes, pad their pockets, take bribes (they call lobbying stipends and political perks) and they get shows on Fox, CNN and about $50 Grand an hour on the public speaking circuits when they finally do leave office. They have been progressively getting away with more and more for so long now and the PUBLIC does NOTHING about it - so they no longer even feel they have to hide it. Their attitude is: “so what ya gonna do about it? Nothing that’s what” and they keep screwing their constituents & America keeps declining. 

Boys will be boys I know but knowing beyond a doubt that these folks are not fit for Public service - why do we allow them to continue to get paid and (Very handsomely compensated as well) Why do we allow them to continue to destroy us and grab every dime they can for themselves and those greedy cronies who finance their campaigns? What I am getting at is that WE BEAR some responsibility for allowing this to continue unchecked and unabated. We should raise a holy FIT anytime this crap happens. We need to make them FEAR WE THE PEOPLE once again - after all WE pay them and they are supposed to work for US - The majority of us are NOT the wealthy 3% and it is the apathetic, unmotivated silent majority who can change this NOW if we want to - we simply need to get off our butts and stand in solidarity. You do not need to be in a TRADE UNION to stand in solidarity After all we are the UNITED STATES - Buddy I hate to tell all the union bashers out there who constantly tell me - “Well what has this union or that union done for us?”  What have YOU done to improve your union... And I mean the UNITED STATES of AMERICA?  Are you mad enough yet????

If not: listen up here - I personally did not see or hear this, as I do not watch Fox news at all - but according to the From the Trenches Blog yesterday:  It reads: It would seem that Rachel Cohen was not so far off in her article when she suggested that the Japanese would be relocated to the United States.  Tuesday, on FOX Business Lou Dobbs suggested that 150,000 Japanese, whose homes could not be rebuilt because of radiation, be allowed to immigrate to the United States and put in 150,000 homes that previously belonged to 99ers before they were repossessed as a result of the Wall Street meltdown. 

Now personally I think Lou Dobbs is an idiot! I do not know if Washington is planning something like this yet but it sure sounds like something they will try and sneak by us doesn’t it?  If it does happen I certainly hope it will piss off enough Americans to get them to Walk like the Egyptians did a few weeks back.

Fact is that if enough Americans would get out there in the streets and NOT give up until Washington either resigns or give in to the masses WE WOULD HELP our country immensely! We would help ourselves  immensely - but will we ever do it?  Or will we just let the rich, corrupt, greedy and the powerful in this country wipe us all out?  It is up to you and you and me and you all to get this done now!

Demand Washington NOT cut all the programs for the poorest, oldest and the least able to care for themselves. 

Demand that we spend our money right here in the USA and NOT overseas. 

Demand Washington help the 99ers, UI exhaustees and all Unemployed NOW with Jobs and benefits and recall those bastards who are killing you off a little more everyday!

Jerk offs like that Gov. in Ohio -  Ohio is just 1 state and it isn’t even a state with the largest population of unemployed but Ohio has 567,000 ‘official’ unemployed. That translates into $23 billion in lost income and an estimated $3.3 billion in lost revenue from sales and income taxes. It also means higher expenses for unemployment benefits and Medicaid, food stamps and other social programs.

“The right solution is to put Americans back to work. ONE Ohio job means an average $40,000 in wages, $3,300 in sales and income taxes, and a savings of over $21,000 in unemployment benefits and Medicaid costs. Multiply that by the state’s 567,000 jobless… well, to the economy EVERY job is priceless!”

Citing the recent attack on Ohio’s middle class, UCubed asks if we are entering a Joseph Conrad-like “Heart of Darkness,” a place where crazy ideas take hold, and punishing the jobless is the most insane – and morally bankrupt – idea yet.

The UCubed site launched a new Facebook ad campaign today calling on our nation’s leaders to drop the nationwide attacks on the unemployed and middle-class families and, instead, focus on putting Americans back to work.

How can we put Americans back to work? UCubed is calling for a 25 percent surtax on high-income Americans that would generate $248 billion - more than enough for a 21st century Works Progress Administration (WPA) jobs program that would put millions of jobless Americans back to work immediately.  Go check out what that site is doing. Sure it may not be the most user friendly site out there but my GAWD people. Why is it you want the solutions to be easy?  What a sad commentary on the American Unemployed it is that U-Cubed does not have at least 1 million members. Do you have any idea what 1 million members united in U-Cubed could do especially with the money they have behind them being a public service function of The IAM UNION????  Think people.

So what if the site is a bit hard to navigate - find a way I did and if I can do it - being as UN-computer-savy as I happen to be then any one can do it. You just need the right motivation. It comes down to what I have been asking you all for months. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???????

Because no matter how bad I want it - your lives will never improve unless or until you want it bad enough to make it happen.

Do you remember President Roosevelt's line about "people who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made?" Well, recent events prove that dictatorships can also be unmade by hungry and jobless people.

This translates into a call to action for all unemployed and underemployed Americans - even though America is not technically a dictatorship. The fact that the rich and the politicians are the only ones in this country not suffering substantially from the hardships of the economy is in itself a type of Fascism.


Webster defines fascism as: 

Extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.  Our Government seems to only be intolerant of the bullies on foreign shores but extremely tolerant of the bullies on our home soil. Exactly when are our OVER-Paid leaders going to focus on easing the oppression and suffering of Americans for a change?

A systematic and  "complete obliteration" of the middle class, the poor, elderly and disabled within our American society appears to be the GOP objective and the Democrats are too weak and corrupt themselves to do anything about it, so "WE THE PEOPLE" simply MUST do whatever we can to stop the onslaught of annihilation of the American Dream.

We did something recently in Wisconsin and eventhough they rammed it down the throats of that state anyway - looks like they broke their own laws and rules to do so. DO YOU SEE what lengths they will go to destroy us? 

Thank GOD that judge today stopped them. And we have enough signatures already to recall one of the bastards responsible. I say recall them all. Let them know their power is NOT absolute that they work for US!

My favorite Quote of the day:  "We can’t be shocked when government recedes into the shadows to do dastardly things, but we should be shocked when (the) media doesn’t shine a light!"

The fact is that if the 99ers want to keep their story in the public eye, we need to keep the media engaged in our struggle on a daily basis. The best way to do so is to be NEWS WORTHY on a daily basis. If people get out in the streets of their own communities (especially the smaller ones where there is not much making news) and generate news worthy activity and if this happens all over America - the 99ers cannot help but be front page news somewhere every single day. After this activity is sustained for a week or less, the unemployed in this country will have the attention of the media and thus Washington in short order - after all, the Politicians are already gearing up for the 2012 election - only the 99ers CANNOT WAIT until then for the help they need NOW to survive.

To quote From the Trenches World Report again:  The international corporate mafia and its propaganda machine have pulled out all the stops in holding together the false reality they have created wherein the 99ers, the poor, and the homeless just do not exist. 

We must attack this damn media if we are ever going to get anywhere.  Where are the 99ers interrupting press conferences, town hall meetings, and celebrity events?  Nobody is going to do this for us.  For God’s sake, do something before it is too late.

Attack the media 

We must ALL stand together or surely we will ALL perish together.