In April, when the San Diego Unemployment Examiner contacted NELP (National Employment Law Project) and asked their position on a Tier 5, their response was: “As soon as we get the extensions passed in Congress for the non-99ers, then we will put our efforts toward fighting for a Tier 5 extension.”

Today, 6 months later and nearly 3 months after the non-99er extension bill was passed (HR 4213) NELP is once again ramping up to fight for, you guessed it - an extension of the deadline dates for the non-99er UI extension.

NELP has been silent and worthless in the fight for a Tier 5 extension and that is something every 99er should vocally protest by contacting NELP in droves.

In an email titled: New and Improved Website Launches Campaign to Continue Federal Jobless Benefits, NELP introduced their to “to mobilize grassroots support for the campaign to ensure that the federally expanded unemployment lifeline continues at a level that matches the needs of ALL of the long-term unemployed.”

The website advertises a new petition for only the more recently unemployed. Nothing on this new website even refers to the desperate need for the 99ers to get a Tier 5. This is deplorable and NELP needs to hear from you.

Give NELP your feedback via their new website at: call them at their New York offices:  212-285-3025

Please do not let NELP get away with their empty promises to help the 99ers, unfulfilled to date.