In an effort to get Congress 'moving' on HR 589, the new 99er  "Ex-Lax Attack" Campaign was announced on Friday's episode of Jobless Talk. The idea is one which has the potential to get media attention back on the suffering of the long term unemployed and something the jobless masses can have a little fun with. 

Near the end of her weekly RANT, Paladinette said: "It is now Memorial Day 2011, nearly 18 months since many UI exhaustees had a benefits check - and still NO MOVEMENT on HR 589 - no big surprise.  Ya know, often people look to me for what to do next in this fight. I constantly get emails and messages from 99ers asking me what do we do now. I wish I knew. But I am as lost as the rest of you as to what will make Washington DC actually MOVE on any legislation that could truly HELP hurting Americans BUT- I will suggest this:

It is time we mail Washington DC our Ex-lax, Seneca, fiber tablets, Metamucil, hell a half eaten bran muffin I don’t care and a note that explains why they must PASS HR 589 NOW or lose your job in 2012. We can’t wait and we will not forget or forgive no matter how much money you put toward your re-election!

I know many of you may not be able to afford to do this but get your youth and church groups involved in this and it may get us some press coverage to boot.

I think we all need to spread this campaign all over the net! EVERYWHERE!!! We need to send Washington DC massive amounts of ex-lax and tell the press and our members of Congress exactly WHY we are doing this! Or send them to the White House - This can also work to clearly convey to them the  "manure caliber" job we feel they are doing in office.

Ex-Lax is just the term I am using, but any laxative will do - and just about everyone has an old laxative of some sort in their medicine cabinet. Don’t go out and buy anything special. We don’t want them to benefit from the product we are sending them. We just want to send a clear message that Congress is constipated!

I truly believe that this sort of symbolism might get the media attention once again focused on the long term unemployment problem in America and be a great human interest story as well."


#99ers: Mail EXLAX 2 Congress. GET THEM MOVING on HR 589!

It was further discussed on todays Jobless Talk show that this can be just a package, or a coupon or a drawing sent by mail. Callers suggested that this next campaign can also incorporate the use of email and fax to Washington reps using a picture from google images in those communications.
The 99ers will also be creating a YouTube video in honor of the event, hopefully with appropriate music with poignant altered lyrics befitting the occasion.
Look for more information as it becomes available. Happy Memorial Day to all!
P.S. If anyone is uncomfortable with sending actual laxative products to Congress or the White House by mail, feel free to just enclose an empty package or a cut out of a picture of the product. They will get the message. We do not want anyone sending anything that might get them into trouble.