This is an open letter to The Democratic Party from the 99er Nation:

The Democrats are in serious trouble and I believe I can help. 15 million votes (plus their friends and family) would assure a victory in November, but Democrats seem hell bent on ignoring this obvious solution.

I represent a vocal voter block of over 5 million Americans called the 99ers. We are determined to effect the election and are willing to put our energetic efforts, along with another 10 million unemployed Americans, plus our friends and families at the disposal of the Democratic Party to assure victory in November.

All it would take to motivate our group is to get our bill S3706 (the Americans Want to Work Act) to the Senate floor for a vote, before Congress adjourns on October 8, 2010, in time to pass this life saving legislation before the election. Unless this happens, we will vote against those who will not help the 99er cause and a great many of us likely will NOT vote at all. We will not help those who refuse to help us, period. We need this bill passed now and the Democrats need our help in November.

A Tier 5 unemployment extension for ALL STATES has the potential to inject a minimum of 1.5 billion dollars into the economy every week (based upon the avg. $300.00 weekly benefit X 5 million UI exhaustees). This is a win/win for our economy and translates into a Democratic win this November.

If each of the 15 million unemployed in our country only influenced 3 other voters, we are talking about nearly 50 million votes! And I assure you, we can influence far more than 3 voters each.

Time is running out for the Democrats and time has already run out for the 99ers. We are dying every day out here. Recession related suicides are up 75% and our ranks are going hungry and homeless every day. We are angry and desperate, but we intend to influence the election if it is the very last thing we do.

The question is, how bad do the Democrats really want to win, or do they intend to continue to ignore the obvious at their own political peril?

If you are as committed to a Democratic victory this November as I believe you are, please do not ignore this golden opportunity to get the job done. Our Country is in serious trouble and the Democrats cannot afford to continue to ignore tens of millions of American unemployed voters any longer.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter. And please read this press release from The American 99ers Union earlier this week: Finally 99er Factions Unite to Strengthen Political Clout - Push Senate on S3706

Feel free to copy and send this to any and all Democrats ASAP!