OsamaBin Laden’s death will NOT save incumbents in Washington DC from the wrath of America’s Unemployed voting masses, at least according to a recent U-Cubed poll.

The poll conducted last month offers great insight into how poorly unemployed America views the job being done by our elected officials. To view the total results of this poll go to http://tinyurl.com/4x4232r and PLEASE TWEET this link out to all media and political contacts.

Some of the most important and revealing poll questions and responses were:

Overall, would you say things are on the right or wrong track in America today? To which 88.4% responded WRONG TRACK.

How would you rate the job being done by President Barack Obama -- excellent, good, not so good, or poor? 37.4% responded NO SO GOOD and another 31% felt Obama is doing a POOR job.

How would you rate the job being done by the United States Senate -- excellent, good, not so good, or poor? 53.3% said POOR and another 34.6% thought NOT SO GOOD.

How would you rate the job being done by the United States House of Representatives -- excellent, good, not so good, or poor? 78.5% Said POOR

How would you rate the job President Barack Obama is doing -- excellent, good, not so good or poor -- when it comes to:

Protecting American workers from the loss of jobs due to outsourcing and imports of cheap foreign goods? 67.5% said POOR

Having the kind of strong and aggressive jobs program to get people back to work? 67.0% said POOR.

Are you inclined to support your member of Congress for re-election or not? 49.7%  answered No, not inclined to support.

Which of the two parties in Congress -- the Democrats or Republicans -- do you think is doing a better job in dealing with the following issues? 

Standing up for the interests of working people - 53.4% said Neither!

Ending this recession by stimulating the economy - 64.4% said Neither!

Standing up forcefully to the big banks, investment firms and Insurance companies - 76.2% said Neither!

Pushing a strong jobs program to get people back to work immediately - 80% said Neither!

81.9% of those polled believe that the United States needs an industrial policy that will promote manufacturing and improve our transportation systems.

86.8% Strongly disagreed with the statement: Since Wall Street has rebounded and the gross national product has grown, the recession is all but over for most Americans.

But 68.6% strongly agreed that our country needs strong and enforceable "Buy American" legislation so more American-made products are purchased by the federal, state and local governments -- as well as U.S. government funded contractors.

79.2% feel that: The federal government should hire jobless Americans to renovate factories, install new equipment and improve global competitiveness and job opportunities for unemployed persons in depressed local economies.

Over 90% strongly agreed that US Tax policies should discourage the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries.

72.2% believe that Trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA should be renegotiated and 81.6% strongly agree that America needs a strong, Roosevelt-Kennedy style jobs program to get Americans who want to work back to work immediately.

70.3% stated they agree with the statement: In recent years, neither major political party has strongly represented the interests of working people and 67.2 believe that The Democratic Party doesn't represent working people as strongly as they used to.

However, if either party came out strongly in favor of a FDR-JFK styled jobs program to get people back to work as soon as possible, that's the party 61.1% would support ... and maybe not just for the next election.

In addition, nearly 66% would be inclined to support either party if they simply stood up strongly for the interests of ordinary working people. (Heads up GOPers!)

So you see, although significant, the death of Osama Bin Laden is not likely to effect the results of the 2012 election anywhere close to soothing the anger of unemployed American voters would. (Especially since it took nearly 6,000 deaths of American service personnel to get this one man and his death DOES NOT MEAN the USA will immediately withdraw from the war in Afghanistan). 

Obama may indeed get a bump in his approval rating for a brief moment in time, but unless Washington DC immediately gets going on fixing America’s REAL issues on the home front - there will be new blood on the hands of the US Government - this time due to starving, homeless and suicidal long term jobless American Citizens, and those who do survive will want BLOOD in the form an entirely new regime in DC come the next election!