With all the media buzz over the Royal Wedding these days, on this side of the pond America asks: Who Cares? Ed Schultz even mentioned on his MSNBC political hour last night how only 6% of Americans care anything about this overpriced and over covered media event. Ed Schultz taking time in his show to discuss the Royal Wedding may be testimony as to how hard up for political news the media is while Congress vacations - but America is asking WHERE are the JOBS?

It would seem that the media would cover the real problems and struggles of the 99ers and other UI exhaustees during this “Political Lull” in the Washington News Cycle - but NOPE! Even the media couldn’t care less about hungry, homeless, hurting Americans - but millions of dollars being spent on the offspring of wealthy Non- Americans (to an audience of only 6%) is getting weeks, months and hours of media attention. In fact, the Ed Schultz show will be preempted later this week for (you guessed it) coverage leading up to the Royal Wedding. Unbelievable.

I guess that those who work to keep the advertiser dollars rolling in for the news shows have realized that 99ers have no money to buy ANYTHING so why waste their time giving air time to the ugly side of what is really happening in the USA. It is time that the MILLIONS of US Unemployed (exhaustees included) get out and make news the media cannot ignore!

Yesterday, a letter appeared on Congress.org addressed to: Governor Mark Dayton, Sen. Linda Higgins and Rep. Bobby Champion - all of Minnesota. The letter reads in part:
H.R. 589 has been deliberately ignored, to date. The American job hunters cannot afford this. HR 589 needs your support, and it needs to be voted on.

The Star Tribune today has an interesting investigative piece which shows that at least in my region, millions of dollars earmarked for the creation of jobs, but created nothing. I am sure this is happening across the nation.

Maybe that money could be recouped and used toward funding the UI extension. Ditto the money that went toward bailing out GM and the banking industry.

Many of us are subsisting on temporary jobs and jobs that nobody else wants, but even these jobs have dried up. Most of us do not qualify for food support, housing support or another "nets" that are supposed to exist, and women without dependents are treated like dirt.

In the meantime, please remember that job hunting is difficult under the best of circumstances. Job hunting in this economy is even more difficult. Job hunting without money for food, shelter and transportation is the next thing to impossible. I have done it, and am looking at doing it again.
The Sun Tribune article referred to above Where are the jobs? is a great example of what is happening all over the USA with “seed” money that was apparently never planted in fertile ground.

From the article:
Millions of dollars in subsidies to boost hiring among private employers throughout Minnesota have often come up short of jobs, 125 businesses got subsidies tied to job creation but didn't deliver.

More than 650 job-creation deals were put together from 2004 to 2009 (in MN alone) that handed companies state and local tax breaks, low-interest loans, grants or other benefits. Of those, 125 companies didn't meet their hiring commitments as business stalled, early jobs gains were wiped out by recession or firms failed entirely.

At least 46 of the subsidized companies produced no lasting jobs. The data showed that 56 companies received $37 million in such subsidies but created just 551 of the 2,111 jobs that they promised -- or $66,725 per new job.

Overall, 17,300 jobs were created in Minnesota by companies receiving an array of state or local subsidies during the six-year period, while the state's private sector employment declined by 77,200. The results show the limitations of government programs to spur business and jobs, economists say.

Faribault Woolen Mills promised to keep the state's oldest factory operating with the help of $575,000 in state and local loans. In 2009, the factory was closed, sending the last 36 employees out the door.

Excelsior Energy, said it could put 150 people to work at a coal power plant on the Iron Range. Another 1,000 workers would be needed during construction.

Excelsior borrowed $9.5 million from a state development agency. It got another $32 million in grants from the federal government and a utility renewable energy fund to develop clean-coal gasification technology.

After nine years, nothing has been built.

"Lawyers, lobbyists and consultants have been the beneficiaries of this $9.5 million," said state Rep. Tom Anzelc.

Excelsior executives have contributed $134,000 since 2001 to political candidates and groups of both parties. Congress enacted one law to help the project. The Minnesota Legislature passed two bills benefiting the company and is considering a third.

This misspent money or unused stimulus boils down to nothing more than fraud, waste and abuse by the wealthy thieves in America we call Politicians. Do you know how many jobs I could create if somebody gave me $850 billion to do so? And I assure you it would not cost $66,000 per job created.

It is time we put money in the hands of the millions of 99ers in America, as we are the only ones with public, proven methods of making every dollar stretch - else we would not have lasted this long on nothing at all!

With 19 states refusing to take advantage of the money Washington set aside for the “so called” 13 month extension of UI benefits last December, 99ers need to ask Washington:Where is the Money?

This money was already allocated and thus, if it is not going to be spent, it is ready and available to offset the cost of a PAID FOR extra Tier (or additional weeks to an existing Tier) to extend UI benefits for those who desperately need them.

Why every 99er in America is not constantly calling the Republican leadership in the House and the Democratic sponsors of HR 589 every single day demanding they look into this “new way” to fund a 99er extension now is beyond me.

Call Congress Toll Free: (877) 762-8762 and ask to speak with each of the following members: Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Representative Emmanuel Cleaver, Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Bobby Scott (D-Va.)

Then call the White House Comments line 202-456-1414 or contact Obama and give him a piece of your mind as to how you feel about his constantly having plenty of money to help every other country’s hurting masses but NOT Americans.http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Also it is time to relentlessly slam the main Stream Media with calls, letters to the editor, emails. Use the I-Reporter links almost all websites of your local and National media darlings have available for your submissions. FLOOD them with stories of homeless, struggling families, foreclosure signs, interview America’s hungry children in your community (get parental permission) and use your flip video cameras to make better, more substantial news reports than some rich offspring getting married over seas.

PLEASE CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, CBS - STOP helping Washington Hide the TRUTH that America is HURTING BAD! Granting hours of news coverage for only 6% of your American viewing public is shameful and irresponsible - no matter how much money you gouged for each advertising minute.

It is time you did your job too. You have watched Washington do little or NOTHING for so long now that you the American Media have degraded into the sin of sloth at best or at worst engaged in a conspiracy of hiding the truth from the average American who knows only what they hear from you!

Yes, I am a little known blogger/journalist calling out the “MSM” (main stream media) for their utter failures as journalists - in not exposing Americans to the real truth of how bad things really are out here on Main Street! But, like politicians - I really doubt the MSM has the character to feel the shame they have brought upon themselves by this cataclysmic failure on their part and just like Washington Politicians, they (the MSM) are only concerned about the almighty dollar - only difference is the campaign dollar$ vs advertising dollar$. But aCourtesan is still a Trull no matter what form of payment is used for their favors.

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