By now, most Americans are so sick of the political ads and they are screaming for relief from this new form of Speech Terrorism. With the deluge of corporate money into campaign finance already underway, we can now look forward to never-ending campaigns of endless radio and TV commercials polluting the airwaves through November 2, 2010.

We may have to invent a new crime category - call it torture by media. Who's to Blame for this? Who are the criminals here? Five guys on the Supreme Court. Perhaps we could start the punishment ball rolling by locking the Supreme Court justices (who voted for these corporate persons special election prerogatives) by locking them in a special room. We could then force them to listen to political commercials 24 hours a day.

We could borrow the CIA facilities for this torture, and it is clearly torture of the kind these same judges appear to support for other terrorists being forced to listen to loud rock music 24 hours a day. A few 24-hour sessions in this shadow government-approved room will surely persuade these errant, fascist, Justices to reconsider what they have done to the American people.

For now, with no potential on the horizon to limit political commercials or limit campaign seasons to 90 days, we may have to give up watching and listening to our favorite TV and radio programs as the political commercials begin to repeat in our brains even while asleep a horrifying ailment for which “Big Pharma” has no cure.

What is really happening here is "free" speech propaganda by the richest people and organizations in the world who, with their editorial control of media, easily refuse to air other opinions particularly those dangerous to their profits and prerogatives.

Ever wonder how much money is being spent on this relentless assault on the American air waves? Campaign signs? Travel and staffers? Wouldn’t it be nice if instead spending billions on the onslaught of campaigning, political candidates would have donated that money to help the 99ers? A pipe dream at best!

Selfish interest has not always been the norm in Washington in the distant past, but in this century (and most of the last) “Public Service” has not been the priority of those running for or holding public office.

America is in serious trouble and it does not seem to be getting any better. From our devastated economy to our corrupt politics, America is fast becoming a third world type country - when it comes to the “Haves” vs the “Have-nots.” The middle class is being middled out at a rapid pace, with the millions of (former middle class) 99ers as the first casualties of the war.

The only ammunition we may have left in our arsenal is to vote. It is free and not for sale. Example: Meg Whitman has spent upwards of 135 million to buy the Governor’s seat in California and she is behind in the polls.

Do not be brain washed by the ads. Instead, look at who is paying for them. Truth in advertising laws should be enforced and those who advertise falsely should be fined heavily and flogged publicly! The ticket sales from this public show could well bring in enough money to fund several new Tiers of benefits!