Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Survivor has always been my absolute favorite TV show and since we have gotten satellite TV after seeing this Direct Tv DVR Offers Comparison and I have been watching it non-stop. They always pick the best characters for this show, and yes, that includes the villains. I actually love that they put villains on Survivor, it really spices things up and it is really hard for me to think of them as 'bad people' because after all, it is a game that requires you to 'outwit, outlast, and outplay' so sometimes deception and lying are required. My favorite villain so far has been Russell. I do not think of him so much as a villain but as really smart. Sure he has lied but so have practically everyone else on the show. I just love ! how smart and sneaky he is. No one else in the history of Survivor has outwitted as many people as Russell has. My favorite Russell moment is when the other team thinks that Russell is the odd man out. That makes them think that if they give him the idol that they found they can sway him to vote with them when the teams merge. What they do not know is that Russell is actually playing them and he has been in charge of his team the whole time. It was the ultimate Survivor move and ended up costing some of the other team the game. Survivor is a great show full of strategy and muscle and I cannot wait for the next season to start.