In “Unemployment News” today, the Mendacity of Obama’s Hope and Change leaves 99ers Mendicant, as Congress embarks upon yet another of way too many overpaid vacations.

[Mendacity vs Mendicity for those who do not know: Mendacity means lies, untruthfulness, BS and the definition of Mendicity relates to begging in the streets] Isn’t that what Obama’s refusal to address the 99er issue directly for more than a year now has forced the exhaustees to resort to?

Apparently the recently postponed meeting between Boehner and the authors of HR 589 finally happened this past week - for all the good it did any of us. The big meeting that occurred yesterday between Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Eric Cantor, and John Boehner was a colossal waste of time as Barbara Lee said in her press release that Boehner encouraged them to go back and work with the Ways and Means Committee to move this bill forward.  [SEE:  What  will  H.R. 589  do for Unemployed UI Exhaustees? ]

In other words, UI Exhaustees are on their own with no help from Washington - UNLESS WE Force Congress into doing their job: Serve the Public good. Apparently Congress themselves are the only public that members of Congress ever really serves - “Themselves” and to as much as they can get.

Washington continues to annihilate the UI exhaustees by sheer neglect while they take another 2 week vacation then when they return it will be another 2 weeks off for Memorial day, then another 2 weeks off for the 4th of July and a few weeks later they will take the entire month of August off as usual.

Either way, it looks bad for the once “last Hope of the UI exhaustees” (HR 589) and the 99ers - now without any UI Lifeline for well over a year and going hungry and homeless at an alarming rate. Alarming for real humanitarians, that is, but apparently since that suffering is on America’s shores - Washington could care less. 

We have a great deal of work to do in order to stop the systematic destruction of America's current and former working class. The "have nots" far out number the Haves of the top 3% and if this Democracy is indeed the "Majority rules" entity our forefathers fought hard for and died to create - then it is time we wake up to what is being forced down our throats and fight back for the America we want to pass on to our children - NOW before it is too late.

Why every 99er in America is not constantly calling the Republican leadership in the House and the Democratic sponsors of HR 589 every single day demanding they PASS this extension now is beyond me. 

What Can You do? Well get out of the house and take to the streets - but on you way out - just before you leave:

Please take time out of your day to contact the individuals listed below. Don't assume everyone else is going to. We need EVERYONEto participate in order to get this DONE.