In an urgent email sent out to all Leaders and Activists today, U-Cubed advised all unemployed Americans to “Pour it On!”

The email in it’s entirety reads:

Dear UCubed Leaders and Activists:

Pour it on. Email Congress. Send Letters to the Editor … every day, twice a day, even hourly. Congress is giving $540 billion – over half a trillion dollars – in tax breaks to corporations and wealthy Americans. And yet, this tax deal contains not a dime for the 99ers, not a penny for direct job creation.
Clog their inboxes. You can find the UCubed Legislative Action links here,here, and here.

Congress plans to adjourn this Friday, December 17th. So pour it on! NOW!
The email was sent “In Unity -- Strength”, by Rick Sloan [Acting Executive Director of U-Cubed Union of Unemployed]

If you have not yet joined U-Cubed it is free and there is great strength in numbers of Americans working toward the same goals - Jobs for Americans and until those jobs are available - UI benefits for ALL Unemployed (not just the more recent members of the jobless community in this country). When you get there, send me Paladinette a Friend Request.

Every unemployed American, their friends and family need to PLEASE contact your congressional House member immediately and often. Do NOT stop contacting them until they hear you loud and clear.

My advice is NOT to waste your time contacting your senators, as they have already demonstrated by the HR 4853 test vote today on the Senate floor that they are not acting in the best interests of American Jobless workers.