There is a great deal to be said about Unemployment Zealotry and the Frustrations of being a Jobs Advocate. The job does not suffer fools or lend itself to the faint hearted or thin skinned. Zealotry is a sacrificial calling as it turns out - but one never really sets out to go on such a quest. Often it is thrust upon you by circumstance or necessity. Such is the case of one Unemployed Zealot: Paladinette.

When blowing the whistle on corrupt mortgage lending at a nationwide lender landed her in the unemployment line, it was not the “bounce back” experience she expected. That was several years, thousands of resumes and too few interviews ago for the 50-something California girl.

“San Diego is the best place to live on earth, unless you are unemployed, single, no children, passed 50 and determined to fight for your survival. Then it does not seem so perfect, according to Paladinette.

“Employers all use the impersonal internet to weed out the hundreds of applicants for every job opening (not the lame figure of 5 or 6 the media wants you to believe) and nobody gives you the chance to allow your talents and personality to stand out in the crowd of applicants. There are employers all over this county totally missing out on the incredible talent and drive I bring to whatever I do. It is their loss!”

There is a pool of over 7 million unemployed UI Exhaustees in exactly the same predicament and America is suffering greatly as a result. This seven million is in addition to the rest of those unemployed Americans who are still collecting UI benefits, for now - yet still cannot find a job to support themselves or their families. This is NOT the America I remember reading about when in school.

The one thing that the long term UI exhaustees really need is a resurrection of the American manufacturing sector, which is not likely to happen as long as the US corrupt Clown Congress is committed to rewarding their campaign finance buddies (the big corporations , banks and big oil) with endless tax breaks and financial incentives for every job they take away from American shores.

The frustrations of a Jobs Advocate like Paladinette do not begin and end with Congress or the White House pandering to the rich - which had obviously been the case since Obama took office. The frustration is really with the American people’s refusal to get out in the streets of America and DEMAND this perfidious conduct by our elected leaders STOP NOW and be replaced with economic patriotism, fairness and an altruistic mandate focused upon OUR COUNTRY rather than every other country in the world.

Already in Libya, the USA has spent over ten times what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) determined it would cost to implement HR 589 and save hurting Americans from hunger and homelessness. Obviously the “powers that be (elected)” couldn’t care less about the well being of America or those hurting within her shores - only those hurting abroad.

What if we all just demanded: AMERICAN JOBS so WE CAN SURVIVE? After a week or 10 days of 7 million people taking to the streets everywhere in The USA - Wall Street would demand that Congress do something and Washington would respond FAST!

The problem is nobody is getting out in the streets to demand anything.

Last Thanksgiving, I told you about a radio show dedicated to the Unemployment Crisis in America: Jobless Talk going off the air (actually the net) as month after month of unfruitful job search had finally rendered the Host of that show (Paladinette - me) flat broke. No way to continue the efforts without the money to survive. Before Christmas, a benefactor committed to seeing American Jobless fight on, stepped forward and for the last 6 months gave me the piece of mind that comes with knowing you have the simple necessities like food, shelter and internet.

I could never adequately convey the gratitude I feel for this wonderful, generous act. I felt the best way to thank this person was to continue the fight and look feverishly for work during this reprieve. Now as the six months comes to an end, I am no closer to being employed than I was back in November. Don’t tell me that the unemployment problem in America is improving because I know better! First hand that it is NOT - especially in California. - and I have been looking for a job in 2 states. (OK now has one of the fastest growing economies for hiring in the USA currently)

During my long battle for a JOBS Bill and UI extension for the 99ers, I have discovered tons of wonderful people along my journey. Great people wasting away - like me, they just want to work hard for some lucky employer and feed their families - but since Congress and Obama are only focused upon more tax breaks for the already under taxed wealthy Americans - and spending money on worthless ‘war like’ activities across the globe, CONGRESS refuses to do their jobs and Obama refuses to LEAD this country for the benefit of ALL (as promised during his campaign)

The only Hope Obama has brought has been to the GOP and wealthiest in this country and the only change is what may be left for the poor: Nickels & Dimes!

So, once again, very shortly I may be facing a difficult choice. Like you, who have been forced to hang on with nothing left to hang on to - I will attempt to find a way through on “a wing and a prayer.” The Congress has done NOTHING to even attempt to resolve this emergency crisis in our country and the American Masses have done nothing to force Washington to change their “Business as Usual” lame attempts at governing - between their all too frequent (over paid) vacations.

With Washington still out this week on holiday and considering the precious little they accomplish when they are in session - it is unlikely that HR 589 or any real help for the hurting millions of UI exhaustees will materialize before their next 2 week vacation in May, 2011. One thing for sure is:

UNLESS or UNTIL you take to the streets and demand what you want and need to survive - Congress will do NOTHING but continue to do NOTHING at all ... except collect their pay and take more vacations. It is really up to you.

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