What Can 12,000 Jobless Advocates Do to Washington? Well first they can tell everyone they know to join the same team they have, in order to fight for the UI Benefits they need to survive and the JOBS we all need to thrived.

With Membership between Facebook likes and the U-Cubed website now well over 12,000, U-Cubed is rapidly becoming the most prolific and powerful voice the Unemployed in America have fighting on their behalf. Please JOIN THE FIGHT it is free!

U-Cubed on:

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ucubed

TWITTER: @U_Cubed 

WEBSITE: http://www.unionofunemployed.com

U-Cubed has taken their fight up several notches and has the backing to make a real fight against Washington DC over these vital issues in America today. Just think of what 1 million members or more could accomplish working together for toward this goal. Oh the possibilities!

Unlike the Tea Party, the 99ers and all unemployed Americans have had one major obstacle working against them for a very long time: lack of funds to get out in public in great masses. U-Cubed is designed to connect the unemployed in their own areas so uniting in public is much easier. Another obstacle the unemployed masses face in organizing is their numbers are spread out all over the nation. The “CUBE” structure of U-Cubed is specifically designed to counter this disadvantage. Go check out what that site is doing.

One significant ingredient in the successful uprisings on foreign shores these days is the effective use of social networking on the internet to bolster information sharing and protests turnout.

American jobless are at war with Washington, make no mistake about it and we are in the fight of our lives to just survive. 

One lame argument I keep hearing is how the U-Cubed website is “too hard to navigate”... Oh PLEASE! The issues facing Jobless Americans are all so very difficult. Why is it you want the solutions to be easy? Sure it may not be the most user friendly site out there. If you do not wish to join the website then go to U-Cubed Facebook page and hit like. It is that simple and then check that page for future updates.

The U-Cubed Facebook Page has tons of new information posted daily (including State specific Action notifications) and even the most computer illiterate souls can navigateFacebook and Twitter

It really comes down to what I have been asking you all for months. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Because no matter how bad I want it - your lives will never improve unless or until you want it bad enough to make it happen and spread the word.

If you had a secret weapon on how to fix the woes that plague jobless America today - wouldn’t you want everyone to know so they can make use of that resource? Well U-Cubed is a great weapon in our fight that is highly UNDERUTILIZED! Only the 99ers, unemployed, underemployed and young adults just entering the workforce (but unable to find a job to do so) WORKING TOGETHER from an organized, well staffed and funded platform can accomplish what we need so badly to get done.

What a sad commentary on the American Unemployed it is that U-Cubedafter one year does not have at least 1 million members. Do you have any idea what 1 million members united in U-Cubed could do especially with the money they have behind them being a public service function of The IAM UNION?  Just think people.

Do you remember President Roosevelt's line about "people who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made?" Well, recent events prove that dictatorships can also be unmade by hungry and jobless people.

This translates into a call to action for all unemployed and underemployed Americans - even though America is not technically a dictatorship. The fact that the rich and the politicians are the only ones in this country not suffering substantially from the hardships of the economy and Washington fixated ONLY upon helping the rich get richer - is in itself a type of Fascism.

Webster defines fascism as: Extreme right-wing, intolerant views or practices. Our Government seems to only be intolerant of the bullies on foreign shores but extremely tolerant of the bullies on our home soil. Exactly when are our OVER-Paid leaders going to focus on easing the oppression and suffering of Americans for a change?

If only half of the 99er Nation joined together and demanded Washington focus on We the Jobless People - and sustained that PUSH, it wouldn’t take very long at all for Congress and this Administration to cave in to our demands - as the WORLD will be watching and US unrest would be VERY BAD for Wall Street.

UCubed is a community service project of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) designed to assist the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans, and to provide them with a structure that allows them to take advantage of their growing numbers. For more information, visit Ur Union of Unemployed.  

So what can 12,000 Jobless Advocates do to Washington? The simple answer is a GREAT DEAL but not nearly as much as a hundred thousand or even a million. With 7 million UI exhaustees in America today and another 3 to 4 million joining their ranks within the next 15 months, NOW is the time to consolidate our numbers into a force to be reckoned with and a POWERFUL Political force in our own right.