POWERFUL VIDEOS crying out for help - PLEAS falling on the deaf ears of our elected officials.





The Words to the poem 

                        ODE TO WASHINGTON

Twas the week after Easter and all through the House...

....not a creature was stirring, not one Senate louse.

Mr. Obama, all snug in his bed ... Heath Care Reform victory danced in his head.

While Millions of Americans were scrambling about...

....without money to live on cuz their benefits ran out.

The food banks were idle as their shelves were all bare... they could not help the all folks who came there.

Jobless parents cry out in utter despair...

....but the Washington elitists just don’t seem to care.

The members of Congress both Senate and House...

....were back to campaigning with children & spouse.

They feasted and stumped, raising money galore... assure in November they’d return to the Floor.

On the Floor they do nothing but bicker and wail... they lie to the people and let America FAIL.

Yo Coburn, Bunning, Kyle & Sessions... can you 

please lend the Jobless some of your possessions?

Hey Grassley, McConnell, Chambliss and Barrasso...

....stop helping the rich and end this fiasco!

Join Durbin, Udal, Levin, Sanders and Reid... 

....listen to them because they know what we need.

Stabenowe, McCaskill, Sharrod Brown share our voice...

....but our time has run out and we have no choice.

We are tired, hungry, angry and more... we are 

fearfull that homelessness may soon be in store.

The Republicannots & Dems make way too much 

money... to comprehend our poverty just isn’t FUNNY.

So Congress put down that lobster, caviar, your wine... 

..HELP MILLIONS of JOBLESS who have run out of time.

You should get back to work and do something NOW...

.....Tier 5 to survive, we need it and how!!!


****YouTube VIDEOS: ****MAKE  THESE GO  VIRAL**** Don't click the arrow Click YouTube sign***

Just click both Tier 5 to Survive: The MOVIE &  ODE to WASHINGTON.  I figure the best ways to get media attention these days is either a sex scandal or have a video go viral. Since the media would care if some unemployed nobody had a sex scandal, our best chance is to make our video go viral. It is not the prettiest video but then I am not Michael Moore. However the video does tell the truth about what HR4213 does NOT do - which is a great deal more that Washington did. 

What really ticked me off is that Washington touted that HR 4213 (passed by the senate and now held up in the house) as extending vital unemployment benefits through the end of this year when it does NOT! It only extends the deadlines for which to file for the extensions already passed last year. IT DOES NOT ADD 1 single week of additional Jobless benefits for anyone!  All that H.R. 4213 does as far as unemployment benefits is help the shorter term unemployed. In truth it does absolutely NOTHING for those of us who have been diligently looking for a job ANY job no matter how little it pays for over two years now.  The LONG TERM unemployed are the ones who need the most help. We have already lost our homes, our credit is shot, our retirement savings gone. And what does the Government do? They give the greedy wall street bankers over $2 trillion dollars so they can give out huge bonuses and maintain their company jets. And WHY ? because Between campaign $ and lobbying money the Banks own Washington. 

What is even more disgusting is the politicians & media “so called experts” who have the nerve to state in public that collecting unemployment benefits discourages the unemployed from looking for and taking lesser employment than they want.  Like we can any of us afford to be picky in today’s job market. It seems that unless you are unemployed you just do not get it!  Have any of the Washington crowd ever tried to live on less than $239.00 per week (which is the average weekly benefit paid out to the unemployed today) I think NOT.

I for one am fed up with those in Washington who wouldn’t know a real hard day’s work if it bit them in the butt calling me lazy.  I am and always have been a hard working American for over 35 years in the workforce, but I have NEVER worked so hard in any job than I have worked to find a job every day for the past 2 years of my life, but to no avail !!!

FACT IS: We want to work, but we cannot take jobs that are not out there.  Those especially hurt by this have been the 50 and older sector of the unemployed (especially the females) as often we cannot take or no one will even consider hiring us for the construction jobs created by the so called stimulus package.

FACT IS: We look for work every day. We would pound the pavement but nobody wants to see you in person anymore.  They all want applications via the internet or resumes submitted by email. Many of us have sent over 2000 resumes or more in the past two years and some of us have only heard back from a dozen prospective employers or less. 

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